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     A.YITE Technology Group http://www.ayite.net
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     A.YITE TECH have a very long history in industry control and HVAC field from 1973, including 2 factory and 1 big laboratory for flow switch, flow meter, pressure switch, differertial pressure switch, level and depth meter, air flow sensor, PH Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Sludge Concentration, Temperature......more


flow switches

flow sensor

New Products.........

 Ultrasonic Echo Sounder Depth Meter, Portable Flow Current Velocity Meter, useful for surveying and mapping  .......More

ultrasonic flow measurement meter

Ultrasonic & Doppler Flow Meter, easy to install, high  accuracy. useful to measure the flow.....More


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    plastic flow switch      explosion proof flow switch    flow sensor Ultrasonic Flowmeter Differential Pressure Switch Transmitter Water Analyzer Monitor Meter

Level Depth Meter

flow switch