EG-01 Inlet Solenoid Water Valve | Flow Restrictor

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Inlet Solenoid Water Valve
Actuated solenoid control valve|Waste Water Flow Restrictor


Inlet Solenoid Water Valve

The wetted material of the inlet solenoid valve is adopting FDA Standard, suitable for potable & drinking water systerm. The Inlet Valve is widely used for the RO Instrument, e.g. water clarifier, instant drinking machine. Work with the function of switch, stability, long life-time. Direct action solenoid valve have 2 kind, normal open and normal close. The NC valve is close without power, when the power is connect, the valve could be open with the magnetic function; after stop the power, the valve will get back to close. The NO valve just be opposite.

EG-01 is Inlet Solenoid Water Valve
EG-02 is Inlet Valve with Additional Function -- Waste Water Flow Restrictor (N.C only)

* Water Flow: > 2L/min
* Max Work Pressure: 0.8Mpa
* Max Water Pressure: 2Mpa
* Voltage: DN24V (12V~240V could be custom-made)
* Input Power: 4.8W (DC24V/190mA)
* Pipe Connector: BSP1/4" Female Thread
* Wire Terminal: 6.3lug
* Valve Switch: N.O or N.C
* Water Water: 300CC (Custom-made is available)





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