GE-102S Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Depth Meter|Sludge Depth Measurement

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Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Depth Meter



GE-102S Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Depth Meter

The GE-102S depth meter is specially designed to measure the interface for sludge, it could be continual and online to monitor the sludge interface leve in the sewage wastewater treatment field. This Sludge Depth Meter could measure the position and height of sludge by the principle of ultrasonic echo, it will be real-time to monitor the thickness and depth of sludge, and to control the progress online. Then it could avoid the water quality deterioration and sludge denitrification & digestion, activated sludge bulking.

This Sludge Interface Depth Meter have perfect function to measure the depth, and control, data tranmit, communication, with depth data output via an RS485 serial port, or 4~20mA output. It is widely used in the sewage sedimentation tank, primary settling tank, secondary sedimentation tank, sludge thickening tank, very useful in the building of waterworks, ore washery, sewage treatment.

Technology Specification:

* Level Range: 1m ~ 5m ~ 10m (5m is standard, more than 10m need custom-made)
* Accuracy: 0.8%
* Blind Spot: <500mm
* Draft Depth: 500mm
* Detection Method: 1HZ/s (0.1~100HZ/s is available)
* Wave Beam angle: 10-/+2 degree
* Work Frequence: 100KHz~300KHz (Different transducer will be different)
* Output: 4~20mA (Standard, 1~5V and RS485 is available)
* Power Supply: 110VAC ~ 240VAC 50HZ/60HZ (220V50HZ is standard)
* Protect Grade: IP65

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