GE-103G Portable GPS Ultrasonic Depth Measurement Meter|Hand-held GPS Echo Sounder|GPS Level Meter

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GE-103G Portable GPS Ultrasonic Depth Meter

GE-103G Portable GPS Ultrasonic Echo Sounder


GE-103G Portable GPS Ultrasonic Depth Meter

GPS Echo Sounder

The Portable GPS Echo Sounder is a low cost ultrasonic water depth instrument meter, which is have the GPS function, could measure Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, used for measuring water depth in silting or sedimentation studies, dredging surveys in lakes, rivers, ports, sea, and inshore hydrographic surveying. These are also applicable in testing aid for electronic servicing, research and development, education, etc. The instrument can be used as a conventional echo sounder with depth data output via an LCD screen and printer.

This GPS depth meter adopt the ultrasonic principle, have perfect function to measure the water depth, and control, data tranmit, communication. The unit is sold as a complete package and includes transducer, handheld terminal, internal battery charger, and protect box.

* GPS function: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
* Depth Range: 0.5m~100m
* Accuracy: -/+0.3% (20C water temperature)
* Blind Spot: < 0.1m
* Detection Method: 15HZ/s
* Work Frequence: 50KHz~200KHz
(Different transducer will be different)
* Output: LCD screen and Printer
* Max Flow Speed: 5m/s
* Cable: 5m
* Power Supply: Built-in Lithium battery, work more than 6 hours
* Battery Charger: 110VAC ~ 240VAC 50HZ/60HZ
* Work Medium: Water (If Sea Water, please declare it)

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