GE-1200 Portable Ultrasonic Level Meter|Hand-held Level Meter

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GE-1200 Portable Ultrasonic Level Meter

GE-1200 is a portable level meter, handheld controller meter, portable instrument which could be taken to the field and could measure the liquid level or solid level, moveably, and now widely applied in river, irrigation canal, surface runoff, hydrological experiment. This portable level meter is used to measure the distance from the sensor to wate or solid surface, we could supply GE-103P to measure the water surface to the water bottom.

The microprocessor sent an electronic pulse, then the transducer converts it into an acoustic pulse. The pulse travels to the level that is being measured and reflected back to the transducer. The transducer then converts its energy back into an electronic signal and stops the counter in the microprocessor. Knowing the speed of sound through the air, then it can accurately determine the distance.

Portable Ultrasonic Level Meter
* Dirt Resistant
* Not influenced by bad environment
* portable meter, moveable
* Better accuracy
* OEM customized is available

Technology Data:
* Measure Range: 5m, 7m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m
* Blind area: 350mm ~ 800mm
* Accuracy: 0.25%FS or 0.5% FS
* Output: 4-20mA RS-485
* Display: large LCD to show more information
* Power Supply: Built-in Lithium battery, work more than 6 hours
* Battery Charger: 110VAC ~ 240VAC 50HZ/60HZ






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