GE-1204 Ultrasonic Differential Level Measurement Meter | Separated Body Level Monitor

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GE-1204 Ultrasonic Differential Level Meter


GE-1204 Ultrasonic Differential Level Meter

GE-1204 compact ultrasonic level transmitters are designed to measure liquid and solids levels, up to a range of 20 meters. The range can be configured by the keyboard and display. The level meter is mounted on top of the vessel or tank. CE certificate.

The microprocessor sent an electronic pulse, then the transducer converts it into an acoustic pulse. The pulse travels to the level that is being measured and reflected back to the transducer. The transducer then converts its energy back into an electronic signal and stops the counter in the microprocessor. Knowing the speed of sound through the air, then it can accurately determine the distance. Because it have 2 transducer, then it could calculte the difference between the 2 measure result.


1. Output: 4-20mA or RS485
2. Voltage: AC220V or DC24V (110VAC is available)
3. Control: 4 Relay, programmable
4. Level Range:  5m ~ 10m ~ 15m ~ 20m
5. Accurancy: -/+0.25%
6. Temperature: -25C ~ 80C
7. Resolution: d=1mm(Level Range < 15m)
8. Protect Class IP67





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