GE-132 PH OPR Analyzer Monitor Measurement Meter

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GE-132 PH & OPR Meter
(Water Online Industry Monitor Analyzer)

This water PH ORP measurement analyzer could work for PH and ORP(Oxidative redox potential) in water monitor field, it could show the temperature at the same time. It could work for Environmentally friendly water treatment,Power Station, Fermentation Engineering, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Mining industry, Paper industry, Medicine, Food & Beverage , Aquaculture,Modern farming.

PH ORP Measurement Meter Sensor

    * Flexibility, reliability and low maintenance
     * Temperature compensation
    * 2 alarm relay (GE-132B)
    * RS485//RS232 Communication Interface Optional
    * Menu operation mode & Password protection
    * 128*64 Large LCD display



1. Measuring Range:
* pH: 0~14.00pH;
* ORP: -1999mV ~ +1999mV;
* Temperature: -5C ~110C

2. The Basic Error:
* PH: -/+0.1PH(GE-132A); -/+0.01PH(GE-132B)
* ORP: -/+3mV(GE-132A); -/+2mV(GE-132B)
* Temperature: -/+0.5C(GE-132A); -/+0.3C(GE-132B)

3. Current Output: 0~10mA or 4~20mA
4. 2 Alarm Relay: 3A 240VAC (Max)
5. Power Consumption: 220V~240VAC <3W; 110V<2W; 24VDC<1W;
6. Optional: RS485//RS232 Communication Interface & Temperature Output (for GE-132B)

PH/ORP  Electrode:
* PHD-01: 1-14PH 0~80C glass electrode for sewage, industy water, river water
* PHD-02: 1-14PH 0~80C glass electrode for pure water, Boiler water
* PHD-03: 1-14PH 0~80C Antimony electrode for Hydrofluoric water
* PHD-04: 1-14PH 0~130C PTFE glass electrode for High Temperature water
* PHD-05: 1-14PH 0~130C Easyferm Plus 120 electrode for Fermentation & Medicine





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