GE-136 Acid Alkali Concentration Measurement Meter (Water Industry Monitor Analyzer)







 GE-136 Acid Alkali Concentration Meter
(Water Online Industry Monitor Analyzer)

It is industry on-line water analyzer, could monitor the concentration of acid and alkali continually. While measuring the concentration can be measured with temperature, display on the LCD screen. Adopting of conductive electrode, can be widely used in steel pickling, boiler feed water treatment, chemical solution configuration, bottle cleaning process monitoring, environmental protection and other industrial processes.

Acid Alkali Concentration Meter
   * Flexibility, reliability and low maintenance
   * Temperature compensation automatically or manually
   * 2 alarm relay, 4~20mA or 0~10mA
   * High / Low Limit control & hysteresis control
   * RS485//RS232 Communication Interface Optional
   * Menu operation mode & Password protection

1. Measuring Range:
* Concentration: 0~10% for acid; 0~15% for alkali;
* Medium: hydrochloric chlorhydric acid HCl, sulfuric acid H2SO4, Sodium hydroxide NaOH.
* Temperature: -5C ~ 110.0C

2. Resolution:
* Concentration: 0.01%
* Temperature: 0.1C

3. The Basic Error:
* Concentration: +/-0.25% FS;
* Temperature: +/-0.3C

4. Stability: -/+0.25% 24hours
4. Current Output: 0~10mA or 4~20mA
5. 2 Alarm Relay: 3A 240VAC (Max)
6. Power Consumption: 220V~240VAC <3W; 110V<2W; 12V/24VDC<1W;
7. Optional: RS485//RS232 Communication Interface & Temperature Output)





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