GE-138 Suspended Solids Sludge Concentration Meter (Optical  MLSS  Measurement Monitor Analyzer)

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 MLSS Suspended Solids Sludge Concentration Meter
(GE-138 Water Online Industry Monitor Analyzer)

Adopting the optical principle of infrared light's absorption and scattering, the transmitter could get the concertration of suspended solids and sludge. The MLSS optical sensor directs some focused beams into the monitored water, The light beams reflects off particles in the water, and the resultant light intensity is measured by the MLSS optical sensor's photodetector. The suspended solid concertration is directly proportional to the scattering and absorption, when the infrared light go through the liquid.

The MLSS suspended solids concentration meter is suitable for the measurement of suspended solids (sludge) concentration in municipal sewage or industrial wastewater treatment process, it is one industry online analytical instruments. It could used to monitor the concentration of sludge in the waste water treatment, control the sludge discharge in primary and secondary sedimentation tank, control the automatic reagent feeding system in sludge thickening tank and sludge dewatering. it could avoid the water quality deterioration and sludge denitrification & digestion.

* Multiple beam compensate with each other, eliminate error, improve the precision
* Easy install, stability, low maintenanceMLSS Suspended Solids Sludge Concentration Meter
* The function of air blow cleaning for the transmitter
* 4~20mA isolating current output, high/low limit alarm
* Automatic diagnosis, easy calibration

* Measure Range: 0 ~ 15g/L ~ 30g/L ~ 100g/L
* Accuracy: -/+2.0% ; -/+0.05g/L FS
* Resolution: 1mg/L
* Response time: 10s (adjustable)
* Display: LCD screen
* Output: 4~20mA 750 ohme max
* Communication: RS485 (Optional)
* Replay: max 230V/5A, adjustable high/low limit
* Work Temperature: 0~50C
* Work Humidity: 3% ~ 85%
* Protect Grade: IP68 for sensor, IP65 for transmitter
* Power Supply: AC110V AC220V DC24V
* Material: SS304 SS316 for sensor
* Medium Temperature: 0~65C





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