GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter|Flow Measurement Meter

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GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter


GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter is designed for air velocity measuring, monitoring and controlling. Air Flow Velocity Measurement Meter can meet the most air flow measurement condition in the field of HVAC and energy saving. insensitive to dust and dirt, very easy to install and maintain.

ATEX Explosion Proof type is available, ATEX certificated products

It have same function and structure as Kobold KAH series Air Velocity Sensor, but our products will be much cheap, much more choice. so it will be a good replacement of Kobold KAH series Air Flow Velocity Transmitter.


This air velocity sensors are ideal for applications requiring accurate ventilation control. They operate on an innovative hot film anemometer principle. This thin film sensor guarantees accuracy at low air velocity, which is not possible for conventional anemometers with commercial temperature sensors or NTC bead thermistors. The sensor is also much more insensitive to dust and dirt than all other anemometer principles. It delivers high reliability and low maintenance costs. The configuration equipment allows air velocity adjustment of the sensor. The measuring range and the response time can be selected via jumpers by the user. This facilitates easy adjustment to the correct working range upon startup.

GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter Measurement Meter

Character of GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter:
* No any moving parts
* Long term measurement, accurate, reliable, sensitive
* Temperature compensation with wide measuring range
* Multiple outputs, Relay, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS-485, 1-4.5V
* Protection for over voltage and reverse polarity

Specification of GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter:
* Flow Range: 0~5m/s~10m/s~15m/s~20m/s~25m/s~30m/s~40m/s
* Accuracy: <(0.2m/s+3% measuring value) @1~20m/s, 25 C, 55%RH 1013hPa
*Response Time: 2s
*Temperature Compensation:10C~40C
* Output: 1-4.5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS-485, Modbus, Relay
* Power: 18~30VAC/DC, 24VDC is standard
* Housing:Fire-proof ABS
* Protection:IP65, NEMA4

How to order this GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter:
1. Type number: GE-374A, GE-374B, GE-374C
2. Flow range: 0~5m/s~10m/s~15m/s~20m/s~25m/s~30m/s~40m/s
3. Ouput: 1-4.5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS-485, Modbus, Relay (you could choose one of them, or choose 2 or more of those output, price will be different)
4. Special demand
5. Tell your choice about the above 4 matter, then send email to us:

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