GE-379 Dual Metal Temperature Switch | Bimetal Temperature Controller Sensor

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GE-379 Dual Metal Temperature Switch

GE-379 bimetal temperature switch could be brass body or stainless steel body, with an internal sensing cavity. GE-379 temperature controller adopt dual metal sheets. when temperature action set point is reached, result from thermal expansion, the expanded metal sheet activates the micro switch. Micro switch have UL CE certification.
Brass Bimetal Temperature Switch
The unique compact design of GE-379 temperature switches allows for sensing of the fluid temperature without the requirement of a probe. This compact bimetallic temperature switch will could work with most industrial applications, e.g. hydraulic system, lubrication system, transmission system etc. This temperature controller switch could work as Hydraulic reservoir safety switch or Coolant temperature switch.

Specification of GE-379 dual metal temperature switch:

* Temperature setpoint: 30C, 40C, 50C, 60C, 70C, 80C, 90C, 100C, 110C, 120CStainless Steel Temperature Controller
* Accuracy: FS -/+3 C
* Max Pressure: 10 bar
* Max Temperature: 130 C
* Hysteresis: 15 C
* Output: NO or NC, Gold-plated contacts
* Max Loading: 16A 220V AC
* Electrical Connection: DIN Hirschmann
* Wetted parts material: GE-379A  stainless steel or GE-379B brass
* Connecting thread: G1/4, G3/8, G1/2", M14x1.5, M22x1.5, NPT1/4, NPT3/8
* Protection class: IP65


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