GE-532 Strength Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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GE-532 Strength Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


     The Ultrasonic Repellent could repel Rat, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Crickets, Moths, Wood ants, Ants. It sent ultrasonic to repel pest, the sound only receive by the pest, no noise to disturb human, no affect for the dog & cat & fish.

     It is ultrasonic, automatic adjust the frequency to repel all kinds of pest. The pest hate the sound from this instrument, so have to escape from this area. You will find the effect within 2~6 weeks.

Type: GE-532 Repeller

* It could affect 160 square meters in a open area.
* AC90V~AC250V. It have plug, could contact with socket directly.
* It should install more than 80cm upon the ground, not near or face window & door. The ultrasonic need reflect to all corner, so no obstacle at the front of this insrument. If more dead space, need to use more than one instrument.
* After use it, at the first term, a few days, you will find more pest than without this instrument. Because the pest escape from its¨ home.

Application place :

1. It applies to the places which could not use poison bait and pesticide, e. G.: Flour processing factory, food processing factory, rice factory, pharmaceutical factory, animal feed factory, granary, etc.
2. It applies to the places which are harassed by mouse and pests, e. G.: Theater, restaurant, supper market, department store, hotel, hospital, etc.
3. It applies to the places which are always bitten by mouse and pests, e. G.: Drug-store, haberdashery, food shop, furniture store, etc.
4. It applies to villa, house, room used air condition, dining-room, storeroom, etc.

1. This repeller should be installed at 20-80 centimeter away from the floor, and should be vertical to the floor and plug to the power socket.
2. The installing point should be avoided from carpet, curtain etc attaching sound material, or else decrease of the sound pressure will do harm on the pest effect.
3. It is normal that the mouse and pests will increase at the beginning of the using days because they will get away from their living place after the attack of the ultrasonic.
4. This repeller can be plug directly at AC power socket. (Power range: AC90 V -250V. Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz)
5. Caution: Moisture proof, waterproof
6. Don't clean the repeller by strong impregnant, water or damp cloth. Use dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the repeller
7. Don't drop the repeller and make strong striking on it.
8. Using environment temperature: 0-40 C
9. To increase the effect, you should use several sets of repeller at the warehouse or good pile-up, several rooms.






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