Car Air Purifiers & Ionizer

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Car Air Purifiers & Ionizer


Embrace Nature    Feeling Healthy Everyday

Functions & Features

* Clean Air Vehicle

* Inhibit bacteria growth

* Prevent the spread of the virus

* Promote metabolite, disassembly bacteria/ smoke smell, clean the air

* 180 degree Rotation, Humanity design (45 degree for GE-542)

* Regulate the density of the negative ion and ozone at any time

* Energy efficient (GE5411.5W,  GE-5421.2W)

* Operates on 12 volt outlet of car's cigarette lighter

* Anion output: GE541 >9,000,000 ions/cm3,  GE-542 > 1,500,000 ions/cm3

* Release Ozone

Ozone have the functions of sterilization and disinfection, and ultimately become oxygen, no secondary pollution, chemical substances can’t do it.

* Negative Ion Technique

Anion, well known as vitamin of air, it can purify air, remove smoke and dust, stange smell, prevent the spread of the virus

* Prevent Disease

Anion can promote metabolism metabolism, keep fresh air, eliminate wearily, remain sober-minded, good driving






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