EU-107 Ultra-clean Pure Water Flowmeter|Ultraclean Flow Measurement Meter

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EU-107  Ultra-clean Pure Water Flowmeter
(Ultrasonic Flow Meter)

PFA material, could used to measure Pure water and Ultra-pure Water in semi-conductor industry, chemical or mechanical abrasive slurry. Main unit and transducer are installed separately, inlet and outlet are standard size for easy installation.

Ultra-clean Pure Water Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Meter



* Accuracy: 0 ~ 1.6L/min,  -/+0.017L/min;
                    1.7L/min ~ 9L/min,  -/+1%
* Measuring range: 0.01L/min ~ 9L/min
* Liquid Temperature: 10~60C
* Liquid pressure: 0~0.5Mpa
* Liquid Sound speed: 1000~2200m/s
* Viscosity of liquid: 0~40cSt
* Pressure lost coefficient: 0.5
* Signal cable: 5m, can be lengthened to 100m
* Connect pipe size: 3/8"
* Protection grade: IP65
* Signal output: Programmable 4-20mA current output,
* Impedance: 0~1K, accuracy: 0.1%
* Signal input
: 3 channel 4-20mA input, accuracy: 0.1%
* Data interface:
Isolation RS485, compatible with MODBUS, METER-BUS protocol
* Batch controller:
Programmable batch controller, 10 trig signal sources include external input signal and MODBUS instruction





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