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Pressure Switch

     The use of the pressure switches on machines which use solenoid pumps for continuous refilling. When the pressure is higher than the pressure setpoint, the pressure switch will switch; when the pressure is lower than the pressure setpoint, the pressure will switch. CE certificate.

GE-206  Adjustable Pressure Switch

* Medium: Air or Liquid
* Max Pressure: 1.0Mpa
* Adjustable Range: 1.0bar ~ 10.0bar
* Pressure Setpoint in Factory: 2.0Bar
* Temperature: -5C ~ +60C (If more than 60C, please connect with capillary)
* Connection: 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" (standard 1/8")
* Work Voltage: N.O 220V/AC N.C 48V/AC/DC
* Max Current: 500mA
* Max Power: N.O 100VA N.C 24VA
* Protect Grade: IP54

 Adjustable Pressure SwitchAdjustable Gas Pressure Switch


GE-205  Pressure Switch

(OEM Custimized Products)


* Fluid: water - oil- air - steam or water - air
* Max Pressure: 700PSI(4.8Mpa)
* Working Pressure:: -45~650PSI, -0.30~4.50Mpa
* Rating 0.2/10 bar (Reinforced Diaphragm)
* Fire-Proof Material(Self-Extinguishing)
* Special Threads or Connectors
* Connections Tin Dioxide Treated
* Protection Screw Cover & Calibration Identification
* Seal Against Tampering

Adjustable Steam Pressure Switch Air Pressure Switch

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