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GE-303 series Plastic Flow Rate Sensor

The plastic water flow sensor is produced by nylon plastic material, stability and low price, widely used in HVAC instrument, water heating system, water treatment system, to calculate the flow rate.



1. PA66 Material, low price and stability

2. Pipe Size: G1/2", G3/4", G1", G54" G6/4" G2"

3. Flow Range: 1L/mim ~ 30L/min ~ 120L/min

4. Voltage: DC3V ~ DC18V DC5V is standard

5. Pulse duty factor: 50%

6. Accuracy: +/-3%

7. High Level of Pulse Output: >4.5V (DC5V)

8. Low Level of Pulse Output: <0..5V (DC5V)

9. Max Pressure: 8bar
    (16.5 bar is available, please declare it)

10. Hall Component, made in Japan

Plastic Water Flow Sensor G1/2" G3/4" G1"Plastic Liquid Flow Sensor Monitor G1/2" G3/4"
GE-303A                            GE-303B
Plastic Water Flow Sensor Monitor G1/2"
Plastic Water Heating Flow SensorPlastic Water Flow Sensor
GE-303F                               GE-303G

Download the catalogue of GE-303 Plastic Water Flow Sensor (1/2"|3/4"|1"|1+1/4")





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