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GE-311 Small Size Plastic Paddle Flow Switch

      GE-311 Small Size Plastic Paddle Flow Switch is produced by plastic material, used in Sea Water Heating System, Water Purification Equipment, Welding Equipment, Laser System, to measure or control the flow rate. The Magnet don't stay in the flow, so the magnet will not contact with the rust of the water flow, so could make sure the flow switch will be stability. International Protection could be IP68 (Optional).

Teflon PTFE material is available, but MOQ should be more than 300units



* Protection Grade IP65
* Media Temperature -20~93 C
* Max Static Pressure 10 Bar
* Metering Substances Gas, Water, Oil
                  (If special substances, please declare)
* Install Position Horizontal or Vertical
                  (not inversion, sensor must be top)
* Pipe Size  DN15, DN20
* Max loading: 10W or 50W(Max)

Small Size Smart Plastic Paddle Water Flow Switch Small Size Plastic Paddle water Flow Switch





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