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GE-314 Small Size Stainless Steel Flow Switch

      The body of GE-314 flow switch is Stainless Steel material, used in the Petrochemical Industry, Sewage Treatment, Welding Equipment, Laser Systerm, to measure or control the flow rate.

     A permanent magnet is installed in the GE-314, it is a high performance permanent magnet. The permanent magnet could control the BMF, the BMF is sealed in the top of GE-314. This switch is stability and precise with simple structure. the thread could be NPT BSP or G thread, the micro switch have UL certification, flow switch have VE certification.

1. Media Temperature -30~125 C
2. Average Pressure Loss 0.01bar at Qmax.
3. Hysteresis depending on switch value,
        minimum 0.7 Liter per Minutes.
4. Metering Substances Oil, Water, Gas, Air
               (If special substances, please declare)
5. Max Pressure 30bar (100bar could be custom-made)
6. Protection Class IP65
7. Install Position Horizontal or Vertical
8. Pipe Size DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25
               (NPT BSP is available)
9. Materials Brass or Stainless Steel

Smart Stainless Steel Paddle Flow Switches

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