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GE-319 Insert Paddle Flow Switch(Anti Explosion)

      GE-319 Insert Paddle Flow Switch is specially designed for the Water Flow Monitoring of Water Source, Water-Loop Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pump Water Heater. Instruments operate by a spring-supported paddel with magnetic triggering of a reed switch. This insert paddle water flow switches is produced as the Explosion Proof standard, could be used in the anti explosion environment. International Protection could be IP68 (Optional). CE certificate for the flow switch, UL certificate for micro switch.


* Good repeatability
* Low pressure loss
* Dirt resistant
* Anti Explosion
* Hermetic separation of electrical and hydraulic components
* Stress free fixation of switch unit by plastic cap


* Substance Temperature -45C ~ 125 C
* Max Voltage: 350V DC; 300V AC
* Max Switch Current: 1.0A
* Max Carry Current: 2.5A
* Contact Rating: 70VA
* Average Pressure Loss 0.01bar at Qmax.
* Hysteresis depending on switch value, minimum 0.7 l/min.
* Metering Substances Oil, Water, Gas, Air (If special substances, please declare)
* Max Pressure 25bar (40bar could be custom-made)
* Pipe Size DN15~DN400
* Materials Brass or Stainless Steel


GE-319 Insert Paddle Flow Switch|Explosion Proof Flow Switch

Insert Paddle Flow Switch|Anti Explosion Flow Switches
Insert Paddle Water Flow Swithes| Explosion Proof Flow Switches





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