GE518 Differential Pressure Control Flow Switch|Differential Pressure Monitor

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GE-518 Differential Pressure Control Flow Switch

      The Differential Pressure Switch is a new type pressure and flow monitor switch, when the water flow (differential pressure) in system rises up or falls down to one set value, it will output a warning or sent switch-off signal to automatic control system. And it could also be used to indicate the status of pump or water filter.

It could avoid the shortcomings of annual inspection or changing target flow switch for water chiller unit so it could be applied widely in the water protection, status feedback of pump and by-pass control of differential pressure in evaporator and condenser in medium and large sized water chiller unit.

* Easy Install
* Sensitive
* Dirt Resistant
* No Pressure Loss
* Connect with female thread
* Fixed Pressure Flow Setpoint

* Protection Grade IP54
* Medium Temperature -20~93 C
* Environmental Temperature -20~71 C
* Output: SPST 5A(Max) 125/250V AC
* Metering Substances Oil, Water
* Max Pressure 20bar (30bar Available)
* Main Materials Brass l
* Cable 1.5m, 2x0.5mm2

GE-518 Differential Pressure Control Flow Switch





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