GE-611 Diaphragm Safety Valve | Relief Valve

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GE-611 Diaphragm Safety Valve

      The Safety Relief Valve is Used to discharge the pressure when a fixed valve is overpassed. The Diaphragm is produced by special EPDM, with high performance.

1. Max setting Pressure: 1.5--10par
2. Max Opening Pressure: P set+15%P set
3. Min Closing Differential: P set-15%Pset
4. Threading forwaterworks ISO 228/1
5. Body: Brass
6. Diaphragm: EPDM
7. Temperature: 5~110 C
8. Working Medium: Water, Gas
9. Sealing Material: EPDM

Character: Diaphragm Type, the Spring can not contact with Water; Pressure Setpoint is Precise; Small and Light, easy to install.

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