GE-652 Visual Adjustable Automatic Filling Valve

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GE-652 Visual Adjustable Automatic Filling Valve

      The automatic filling valve is a device consisting of a pressure reducing valve with compensating seat, an inlet filter, a shut-off valve and a check valve. It is installed on the water inlet piping in saeled heating systerms, and its main function is to maintain the pressure of the systerm, stable at a set value, automatically filling up with water as required.

Technology Date:
* Material: Body: H59 Brass
* Sealing Material: NBR Rubber
* Maximum Inflow Pressure: 10bar
* Pressure setting range: 0.5~4bar
* Factory setting: 1.5Bar
* Maximum Working Temperature: 110 C

* Adjust with Scale, Visual Adjustable Design
* Decompressor
* Pressure Stabilized Instrument
* The Function of Non-Return Valve
* The Function of Hand Stop Valve
* Large Diaphragm, more Sensitive

Adjustable Automatic Filling Valve    Adjustable Automatic Feed Water Valve

     This product has the characteristic if being pre-adjustable, which means that it can be adjusted at the required pressure value before the systerm charging phase. After installation, during the filling or toppimg-off phase, the water feed will stop when the set pressureis reached.

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