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GE-922 Gas Differential Pressure Switch

The gas pressure switch is used to detect air flow in forced draught appliances, guards against poor or hazardous combustion, indicates dirty or inefficient filters, mainly used in the gas water heater. CE certificate for the pressure switch, UL certificate for micro switch.

* Set-Point Range: 10-1500Pa
* Operating Pressure range: 25-1500Pa.
* Switching Pressure range: 10 Pa Min.
* Fixed set-point calibrated in factory.
* Maximum Pressure Allowed: 4000pa.

* Switch Rating:
0.1A 125/250VAC, 3A 125/250VAC
5A 125/250VAC. 16A 125/250VAC
Resistive Load
* Switching Element: Snap Action Switch
* Contact Arrangement: SPDT,SPST-NO,SPST-NC.
* Measured Media: Air
* Operating Temperature: -40~+90℃

Low Price
                   USD1.95~USD2.20, MOQ:2000pcs

This D-P switch is specially designed for high volume OEM market. Typical applications include boilers, hot water heaters, HVAC and other industry equipments. These switches feature customer-specified setpoints, and can be used to sense postive, negative or differential air pressure.  A sensitive high reliability snap action switch is used as the main switching element. The snap action switch can provide a high switching capacity up to 16A 125/250VAC.

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