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Home Electronic

 Home Electronic products, we have factory in China, supplying Electornic Ultrasonic Repeller, Lighting products.

For the
Ultrasonic Repeller, we could supply special products to repel Rat, Mouse, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Crickets, Moths, Wood ants, Ants. It sent ultrasonic to repel pest, the sound only receive by the pest, no noise to disturb human, no affect for the dog & cat & fish. We also produce Ultrasonic Controller for Cat and Dog............. It producted from AYT Sehnzhen Factory

GE-532  Strength Ultrasonic Pest Repeller GE-533  Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
GE-534  Ultrasonic Controller for Dog & Cat
(Handset Type & Low Price)
GE-535  Ultrasonic Controller for Dog & Cat
(Wall-Mount Repeller & Strength Type)


Air Purifiers & Ionizer, Produce Active Ion, Release Ozone & Oxygen, Germicidal, Clear Air; Prevent Air-Condition ill Effectively, Protect Your Eye and Refreshed Yourself; Improve Pulmonic and Cardiac Muscle, Better Sleep, Advance Metabolism.

Car Air Purifiers & Ionizer Mini Indoor Air Purifiers & Ionizer





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