Common Classification of Explosion Proof Flow Switch

What are the common types of explosion-proof flow switch? How to choose suitable explosion proof flow switch? In addition to the selection of main functions according to their own needs, the selection should also be reasonable according to the fluid characteristics, environmental conditions, economy and other factors, such as whether the fluid is corrosive, whether it needs high temperature resistance, etc?

Explosion proof flow switch has different classification according to different situations. The following is a brief introduction:

1. Explosion proof type

According to the explosion-proof form, the explosion-proof flow switch is generally divided into intrinsically safe flow switch and flameproof flow switch

2. Is high temperature resistance required?

According to the need for high temperature resistance, it can be divided into normal temperature type explosion-proof flow switch and high temperature type explosion-proof flow switch, as well as ultra-low temperature type explosion-proof flow switch, such as the explosion-proof flow switch of minus 40 ℃ or minus 60 ℃. Our company has encountered such working conditions and provided customers with qualified products.

3. Is the fluid corrosive?
According to whether the fluid is corrosive, it can be divided into ordinary explosion-proof flow switch and corrosion-resistant flow switch. The corrosion-resistant flow switch can use stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy or PTFE to make parts in contact with the liquid. These parts need to be customized, and the price is relatively expensive. The specific quantity depends on the user's demand



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