Flow Switch

  • Flow Switch with Lateral Flow Metering Unit
Flow Switch with Lateral Flow Metering Unit

Flow Switch with Lateral Flow Metering Unit

  • Type: GE-344

  • Material: SS304 Max Pressure: 200bar

  • LED lamp is optional

  • CE certificate, Explosion proof is available
  • Product description: Oil Piston Flow Switch with Lateral Precise Flow Metering Unit, Max pressure 200bar, MR1KO-008G MR1KO-010G MR1KO-015G MR1KO-020G MR1KO-025G
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

Mechanical Flow Switch with  Lateral Flow Metering Unit for liquids or gaseous media with spring supported piston and magnetic actuation of a reed switch. Robust design, produced in materials stainless steel. Hirschman DIN connection is available.

* Shell Material: stainless steel
* Pipe Size: 1/4" DN8; 3/8" DN10; 1/2" DN15; 3/4" DN20; 1" DN25
* Flow Range: 0.4L/min ~ 4.0L/min; 1.0L/min ~ 10L/min; 3.0L/min~30L/min
* Tolerance: -/+5% of full scale
* Hysteresis: depend on switch position,  Min.0.5L/Min
* Mode of connection: Contact for locking plug M12 or DIN
* Output:  reed switch 24VDC/250VAC 100mA
* Max Pressure:  200bar
* Average pressure loss: 0.3bar at 25L/min
* Substances temperature:  -30C ~ +90C
* Protection class: IP65 (IP67 available)

ATEX is available, Customized products, ExiaIICT6 grade. ZNJC09010301 ZNJC09020101 ZNJC09020201

Standard Type: locking plug M12, DIN Hirschman is optional

Type Number:
GE-344 MR1KO-008G : DN8 0.4L/min ~ 4.0L/min; 1.0L/min ~ 10L/min;

GE-344 MR1KO-010G : DN10 0.4L/min ~ 4.0L/min;

GE-344 MR1KO-015G : DN15 0.4L/min ~ 4.0L/min; 2.0L/min ~ 12L/min; 5.0L/min~30L/min

GE-344 MR1KO-020G : DN20 2.0L/min ~ 12L/min; 5.0L/min~30L/min

GE-344 MR1KO-025G : DN25 5.0L/min ~ 30L/min; 10L/min~60L/min

This flow switch could replace the below type:

VKM-1101 VKM-1102  VKM-1103 VKM-1104 VKM-1105 VKM-1106 VKM-1107 VKM-1108 VKM-1109 VKM-1110 VKM-1111 VKM-1112

VKM-1201 VKM-1202  VKM-1203 VKM-1204 VKM-1205 VKM-1206 VKM-1207 VKM-1208 VKM-1209 VKM-1210 VKM-1211 VKM-1212

VKM-2101 VKM-2102  VKM-2103 VKM-2104 VKM-2105 VKM-2106 VKM-2107 VKM-2108 VKM-2109 VKM-2110 VKM-2111 VKM-2112

VKM-2201 VKM-2202  VKM-2203 VKM-2204 VKM-2205 VKM-2206 VKM-2207 VKM-2208 VKM-2209 VKM-2210 VKM-2211 VKM-2212

VKM-3101 VKM-3102  VKM-3103 VKM-3104 VKM-3105 VKM-3106 VKM-3107 VKM-3108 VKM-3109 VKM-3110 VKM-3111 VKM-3112

VKM-3201 VKM-3202  VKM-3203 VKM-3204 VKM-3205 VKM-3206 VKM-3207 VKM-3208 VKM-3209 VKM-3210 VKM-3211 VKM-3212

VKM-8101 VKM-8102  VKM-8103 VKM-8104 VKM-8105 VKM-8106 VKM-8107 VKM-8108 VKM-8109 VKM-8110 VKM-8111 VKM-8112

VKM-8201 VKM-8202  VKM-8203 VKM-8204 VKM-8205 VKM-8206 VKM-8207 VKM-8208 VKM-8209 VKM-8210 VKM-8211 VKM-8212


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