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Level Switches ATEX

Level Switches ATEX

GE-1303 Magnetic float ball liquid level switch is composed of reed and magnetic float ball. When the float ball rises or falls with the liquid to the level of the switch, the magnetic forces of magnetic witch inside of the float ball will cause the reed switch to turn On or Off. No Mechanical wear. No other power supply.

Move Range: GE-1303A  80mm; GE-1303B  25-550mm;  GE-1303C  8-1000mm

1. Max Contacting Rate: 60W, 200w
2. Max Switching Voltage: <230VDC, <250VAC, <380VAC
3. Max Switching Current: 0.6A 2.0A 5.0A
4. Max Pressure: 1.5MPa or more
5. Max Temperature: 100C or 350C
6. Connection: Flange
7. CE ATEX certificate
8. Customized products is acceptable


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