Flow Meter

  • Ex-proof Air Velocity Meter
Ex-proof Air Velocity Meter

Ex-proof Air Velocity Meter

  • Type: GE-374-Ex

  • ATEX Explosion Proof SIL2 SIL3 ExdbIICT6

  • IP65 water proof

  • max 200m/s, OEM ODM for special condition
  • Product description: ATEX certificate Duct Air Flow Speed Transmitter could measure air flow velocity by Pitot tube with differential pressure sensor, split-type or an integrated both available
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

Unlike conventional anemometers with temperature sensors or hot film, GE-374-Ex air Velocity sensors operate on the innovative pitot tube principal, which guarantees accuracy at low air velocity, and better performance at high temperature. Additionally, this pitot sensor is less sensitive to dust and dirt than all other anemometer principles.

Option function:
GE-374-EX-SC: Explosion Proof Air Flow Switch, will have 2 relay switch signal, high and low limit alarm.

The objection of the declaration is in conformity with the relevant EU harmonization legislation: ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, Machinery directive 2006/42/EC. The ATEX grade is Ex db IIC T6 Gb (-20℃≤Ta+80℃), Ex tb IIIC T85℃ Db (-20℃≤Ta+80℃) IP65; or Ex II  3GD Ex dc IIC T6 Gc (-20℃≤Ta≤+80℃) and Ex tc IIIC T85℃ Dc (-20℃≤Ta≤+80℃)  IP65 for gas and dust explosion prevention。

* Velocity Flow Range: 0~5m/s~15m/s~20m/s~25m/s~30m/s~40m/s~70m/s........200m/s max
* Accuracy: <(0.2m/s+3% measuring value) @1~20m/s, 25 C, 55%RH 1013hPa
* Response Time: 2s
* Temperature Compensation:10C~70C
* Output: 1-4.5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS-485, Modbus, Relay
* Power: 18~30VAC/DC, 24VDC is standard
* Housing: Ex-proof Aluminum
* Protection:IP65, NEMA4

How to order:
1. Type number: GE-374-Ex
2. Flow Velocity range: 0~5m/s~15m/s~20m/s~25m/s~30m/s~40m/s~70m/s
3. Pipe size or Cross sectional area of air flow pipe or duct
4. Output: 1-4.5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS-485, Modbus, Relay (you could choose one of them, or choose 2 or more of those output, price will be different)
5 Special demand


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