Pressure & Differential Pressure

  • High Pressure Switch
High Pressure Switch

High Pressure Switch

work with 6.5mm PE pipe

* This switch is work to control the RO Instrument automatically, when the pure water pressure is more than 2.5bar, this switch will cut off the power supply, stop the work of RO instrument;

* When the pure water is output, the pure water pressure will become less, when the pressure is less than 1.2bar, the switch will turn on the power, thw RO Instrument will start to work.

* The wetted material is adopting FDA Standard, suitable for potable & drinking water systerm.

* EK-01A  1/4" Thread
* EK-01B  1/4" Quick Coupling

Turn Off: more than 2.5bar

Turn On: less than 1.0bar
* Accuracy: +/-30%. This is a very cheap product, not suit for industrial machine, only for Household Electric Appliances

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