Pressure & Differential Pressure

  • Digital Pressure Switch
Digital Pressure Switch

Digital Pressure Switch

  • Type: GE-209

  • Explosion Proof is available

  • 1 or 2 relay switch for 1 or 2 setpoint

  • CE UKCA certificate
  • Product description: Dial plate could be English or other language, GE-209 Digital LED Display Pressure Switch with 1 or 2 relay switch,
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

GE-209 Digital Electric Contact Pressure Gauge is a good replacement for mechanical pointer electric contact  mamometer , it can display and control real time pressure at site . It adopts high performance steady electrocircuit board , import anti-shock pressure sensor and electric element

* Power Supply: 24VDC/220VAC
* Output: 1 or 2 relay for 1 or 2 setpoint
* 1 or 2 independently adjustable set points with fixed dead band.
* Ingress protection: IP66
* Dead band: narrow, fixed.
* Operating Temperature: -30~80℃
* Process connections: M20x1.5 G1/2" Male thread or others.
* Process fluid: water, gas, oil
* Range: -100kPa to 0 to 60Mpa

Explosion-proof Exd IICT 6 could be customized

PTFE Teflon sensor is available, could work for all kinds of corossive liquid.

PTFE Pressure Switch

PTFE Pressure Switch


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