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  • Radar Level Meter
Radar Level Meter

Radar Level Meter

  • Type:GE-1206

  • Explosion Proof

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  • Product description: work for Rice Grain Solid Level Measurement, could measure the level range for the grain and rice in the silo or granary
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

The GE-1206 Guided wave radar is a gauge based on time stroke principle, the radar wave is running at speed of light, the running time can be converted to material level signal through electric components. The sensor emit high frequency impulse and transmit along the cable, when impulse meets the material surface, it reflects back and is received by receiver inside the gauge, and converts the distance signal to material level signal. 

It could measure the level range for the grain and rice in the silo, it could measure the solid too.

The reflected impulse signal is transmitted along the cable to the circuit of the gauge; the microwave processor processes this signal, and recognizes the wave echo of the microwave impulse from the material surface. The correct wave echo signal is recognized by the intelligent software, the distance from the material surface D is proportional to the time stroke of the impulse T:  

   Among them, C is the velocity of light.  
   As the distance of the empty tank E is known, so L is:  

* Application     Liquid, solid granules  
* Measuring range     30 meters 
* Process connection     Screw, flange  
* Process temperature     -40-250℃ 
* Process pressure     -1.0-20bar 
* Precision     ±1mm 
* Frequency range     100MHZ-1.8GHZ 
* Anti-explosion/safety   
* Grade     EXiaIICT6/IP68 
* Signal output     4…20mA/HART(two phases)


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