Flow Meter

  • Open Channel Flowmeter
Open Channel Flowmeter

Open Channel Flowmeter

  • Triangle weir or Rectangular weir

  • Parshall flume flow meter

  • Each meter will have a calibrate certificate

  • CE certificate
  • Product description: Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Measurement is stability and low maintenance, widely applied by the various sewage discharging enterprises for online monitoring on the sewage discharges
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

This Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Meter Instrument is widely applied by the various sewage discharging enterprises for online flow monitoring on the sewage discharges. The Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Measurement transducer will not contact with the liquid, so it will be Dirt Resistant and Corrosion Proof. This Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Measurement meter is stability and low maintenance, widely applied by the various sewage discharging enterprises for online monitoring on the sewage discharges, and is the best choice by the bureaus of environment protection at all levels and the sewage discharging enterprises to meter and manage the sewage discharges.

* Data Storage Function
* All Kinds of output signal
* Parshall flume, Triangle weir (500mm) ,
Rectangular weir (250mm, or 500mm or 750mm, or 1000mm)
* High Accuracy with stability performance

1. Transducer:
* Level Distance Range: 0.3m ~ 5.0m
* Measure Accuracy: 0.25% FS
* Level Distance resolution: 1mm
* Frequency: 20kHZ ~ 43kHZ
* Output: 4~20mA, Alarm for high/low limit

2. Transmitter
* Flow range: 10 L/s ~ 10 m3 /s
* Cumulative flow: 0~ 99999999 cubic meter
* Blind area: 0.25m~0.5m
* Flow precision: 1%~4%(subject to the type of weir plate)
* Pressure: Less than 4 atmosphere pressure
* Display: LCD displays the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow
* Analog output: 4~20mA 0~5V
* Digital output:RS485,Modbus agreement or customized agreement
* Power voltage: DC24V/AC220V,built-in lightningproof device
* Ambient temperature: -20C ~ 60C
* Protection grade: IP65

Major features
1. This instrument is a non-contact flow detector characterized of high accuracy, long-term performance stability and reliability, and low maintenance demands;
2. This instrument is composed of an advanced embedded system, which provides strong functions and fully complies with all of the requirements set by the State Administration of Environment Protection for online monitoring on the flows of water pollutants;
3. The ultrasonic sensor is of military-grade materials and fabrication processes, both of which ensure the accuracy and service life of this instrument;
4. This instrument is fabricated in strict compliance with the requirements of the applicable national standards, and forms a sewage flow monitoring system with an open channel (per a drawing to be provided by our company) and a weir flume (a thin-wall weir flume or a Parshall flume);
5. This instrument may be linked with an upstream instrument, can store and provide inquiries of data on the daily, monthly and annual flows within three years.

Work Principle
GE-1208 Open channel flowmeters measure the flow of liquids that are open to the atmosphere at some point in the measurement system. The liquid may be entirely open to the atmosphere, or may be contained within a closed pipeline that is not full of liquid and only open to the atmosphere at the open channel flowmeter itself.

Open channel flow measurement meters generally consist of a primary device, transducer, and transmitter, and some cable. The wetted primary device only restricts the liquid flow stream. Under the flowing conditions, this restriction will cause a rise in liquid level at a location either upstream or within the open channel flow meter. When the flow increases, the level will rise higher. The transducer is mounted on or near the primary device to sense the level value. The electronic transmitter will get the signal from the transducer to measure the level to determine liquid flow.

Different geometries are used for the GE-1208 open channel flow measurement, including flumes that make the channel narrower, weirs that force the liquid over a dam-like obstruction, and nozzles that restrict the flow of liquid before it freefalls from the nozzle.

Use Method
GE-1208 Open channel flow meter measure the flow of liquids that can be safely exposed to the atmosphere, such as river water and sewage. Applications for these open channel flowmeters are primarily found in the water and wastewater industries to measure water and sewage flows. However, there are usually a few applications for open channel flowmeters to measure effluent flows in the mining, mineral processing, power, pulp and paper, petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

Due the limited applicability of open channel flowmeters, materials of construction are typically limited to those that target these applications. Sizes range from a few inches to tens of feet. It is generally less expensive to purchase smaller open channel flowmeters and field construct larger ones (typically with concrete).

Application Cautions
GE-1208 Open channel flowmeters pose potential environmental and safety issues because the liquid is exposed to the environment. Also, dirt can accumulate and plug the sensing systems of some designs. Dirt can also adversely affect the accuracy of these flowmeters.

A straight run of flow channel is usually installed upstream of the primary device to condition the flow to be free of jetting and eddies. The flow channel should properly mate with the flowmeter and not create any abrupt dimensional changes at the transition. Be careful when designing the channel downstream of the flowmeter because some open channel flowmeters require free-fall conditions, whereas others require a downstream channel.

When installing the primary device, be sure to level the flowmeter per manufacturer specification in all planes. Make sure that the transducer is mounted in the correct location because failure to do so can cause erroneous flow measurements.


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