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  • Portable Water Velocity Meter
Portable Water Velocity Meter

Portable Water Velocity Meter

  • Type: GE-104P

  • CE UKCA certificate

  • Each meter will have a calibrate certificate

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  • Product description: Measure the flow current velocity in river, irrigation canal, 0.05m/s ~ 8.00m/s, 15m/s is available
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

This portable flow current velocity meter is working for point-by-point measuring for accessing the water current speeds in running waters. The measure water speed values are displayed on a hand terminal, and the stored values are transferred to a PC by means of the Software. It produce by the standard ISO2548-73, C class accuracy.

This flow current velocity meter is smart, aesthetic appearance, compact design, simple operation, convenient when measuring. It is widely used to measure the flow current velocity in river, irrigation canal, surface run off, hydrological experiment, and measuring pipeline flow to test the efficiency of the pump station, waste water monitoring and see page flow measuring in the Environmental protection.
flow current velocity meter

Technology Data
* Measure Range: 0.05m/s ~ 8.00m/s
* Propeller Start Flow: <0.05m/s
* Accuracy: C Grade, better than 2.5%
* Propeller swing diameter: 60mm
* Max Working Depth: 40m
* Suspended solids content: <200g/L (if more solid, we could supply doppler type)
* Water Temperature: 0C ~ 35C
* Power Supply: built-in batteries. When fully recharged it lasts 24 hours
* Identify Equation - Mean square error: when m<1.2, V<0.2m/s; relatively error<5%

* Protect Grade: IP65

Operational Principles and Calculation
In the measurement, the Propeller current meter was rotated by the water power, the signal device generates the revolution signal, and the flow velocity can be calculated by the following formula:

V=   KN  ÷ T  +  C(m/s)

In it :V:The mean flow velocity during the measurement(m/s)
K:Screw pitch    C:Constant of the current meter
T:the amount of time of the measurement(unit: s)
N:The number of signals during T
During the use of the device, K and C both are constants. The flow velocity can be calculated once the value of T and N are obtained.


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