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  • Humidity Temperature Transmitter
Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Humidity Temperature Transmitter

  • Type: GE-372

  • CE marked products

  • Low cost

  • ODM OEM service
  • Product description: Duct mount Temperature Humidity Transmitter, Low cost, ODM OEM service
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environment monitoring and controlling in industrial and commercial buildings.

GE-372-TH-01  Duct mount temp./RH transmitter
GE-372-TH-02  Outside air temp./RH transmitter
GE-372-TH-03  Separate temp./RH transmitter

* High performance digital sensors and circuits,
  ensure accurate measurement and temperature compensation

* Good long term stability and reliability
* 100% field changeable sensors, no re-calibration needed
* Fast response
* Multiple output signals selectable
* Industrial design, SS probe and selectable filter
* High protection rate up to IP65

Relative Humidity:
* Sensor: Capacitance polymer
* Range: 0~100%RH
* Output: 4~20mA / 0~10VDC / RS485
* Accuracy: 2%, 3% and 4.5%RH(25°C, 20~80%RH)
* Hysteresis: ﹤±1%RH
* Response time: ﹤10s ( 25 C, in slowly flow air)
* Drift: ﹤±0.5%RH/year

Sensor: Solid state band gap, RTD or thermistors
Range: 0~50°C for transmitter or other
Output: 4~20mA/0~10V/RS485, RTD or thermistors
Accuracy: ﹤±0.5 C @ 25 C

Power: Voltage 15~35VAC/DC, current 7.5-36VDC
Output Load: <500Ω (current), >2KΩ (voltage)
Display: Large LCD screen digital display, optional
Display Accuracy: 0.1°C, 0.1%RH
Display Resolution: 0.1°C, 0.1%RH
Temperature Limit: 0~70°C, 0~95%RH (Non condensing)
Storage Temperature: -20~80°C
Housing: ABS Enclosure
Protection: IP30

RH Accuracy:±2%RH, ±3%RH; ±4.5%RH
RH Output: 0-10VDC; 4-20mA; RS485, Modbus
Temperature Range: 0-50C; 0-100C; -40-60C;
Temperature Output: 10-10VDC 4-20mA; 2 PT1000, ±0.2℃@25℃; 3 PT100, ±0.2℃@25℃;
4NTC20K, ±0.2℃@25℃; 5Ni 1000, ±0.4℃@25℃; 6NTC10K,±0.2℃@25℃ 
7 RS485,Modbus


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