Flow Meter

  • Portable Doppler Meter
Portable Doppler Meter

Portable Doppler Meter

  • Type: GE-104D

  • Water Proof IP67

  • RS485 Modbus port

  • Each meter will have calibrate certificate
  • Product description: Portable Doppler Flow Velocity Speed Meter, is a compact, easy-to-use system for measuring the velocity and depth of water in rivers and streams,
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX

GE-104D portable doppler flow velocity meter could measure the liquid velocity in open channel or river, it could measure the depth of water too.

GE-104D ultrasonic Doppler flow velocity meter is a compact, easy-to-use system for measuring the velocity and depth of water in rivers and streams, open drainage channels, and large non-full pipes. It is suitable for use in a wide range of water qualities ranging from sewage and wastewater to clean streams, potable water, and even sea water. The doppler velocity meter measures forward and reverse flow conditions and may be programmed to compute flow rate and total flow in pipes and open channels.

Liquid water velocity is measured by the ultrasonic doppler principle which relies on suspended particles or small air bubbles in the water to reflect the ultrasonic detector signal. The doppler flow velocity meter will not operate in very clean, degassed water. Water depth is gauged by a hydrostatic pressure sensor, referenced to atmospheric pressure through the vented power and signal cable.


Instantaneous flow and cumulative flow function
Can measure the velocity of still water
Capable of measuring the flow of non-full pipes, full pipes and open channels
Can measure the flow of rectangular, circular, trapezoidal and triangular cross-sections
Wide flow velocity measurement range, 0 ~ 10m/s, bidirectional
High flow velocity measurement accuracy, 1mm/s error
Ultrasonic measurement of liquid level has high accuracy, with an error of 1mm (within 2m)
Pure physical method measurement, no calibration, no calibration
Support static pressure measurement of liquid level
Support temperature compensation flow rate measurement and liquid level measurement
Modbus RTU protocol

* Flow Measure range: 0.02m/s ~ 5m/s ~ 10m/s
* Flow Resolution: 1mm/s
* Accuracy:  2%
* Water Depth Range: 0~6.5m
* Water Depth Resolution: 2mm
* Work Temperature: 0-65C
* Power Supply: built-in Li-batteries.
* Display: LCD touch screen


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